Transformation of Thailand- The investment advantage you should not under underestim

Thailand has an advantage that it is the regional hub of ASEAN  In terms of geography, Thailand has lots of advantage.

Such as:

  • It located at the strategic crossroads of mainland Southeast Asian region.
  • It shares common land border with 4 neighboring countries and has 32 provinces physically connected with the neighboring countries.


When the regional integration expended, it will offer more opportunities. ASESN Economic Community has 3.3 billion population (50% of world population), and GDP is US $21 trillion (28% of world’s GDP).


In addition to the advantage from ASEAN Economic Community, Thailand actively developed the public infrastructure including railway, mass transit railway, highways, enhance sea port, airport capacity, and establish aviation industrial estates etc. Through the development of Infrastructure, we will find that the transportation cost could be reduced substantially. It makes the economic competitiveness greater; also let the firm become multinational corporations easily



↑Laem Chabang port (the picture is from BOI)



OSOS makes more convenience, less time, and more efficiency

In order to provide convenient services to the investors, BOI setup “One Start One Stop Investment Center “(OSOS) in Bangkok. It collects 40 agencies under one roof, and use OSOS as the only one window to contact. OSOS help investors to check their invest documents, completed the customs, the work identification, and the visa etc. Foreign investors will save lots of time and there are translators who provide consulting service. If the application form is completed, OSOS can finish all the procedures within 3 hours.


In addition to provide the investment incentive information, moreover, BOI can arrange the investors to visit the industrial zone, and conduct business matchmaking. The BOI Laem Chabang port office would conduct training to help the foreign investor, such as declare at customs, import and export, or apply for import of materials with BOI. Currently, some famous Japanese car factories, for example, Mitsubishi、Toyota、Suzuki had already marches into Laem Chabang port area. With these car factories, some car component suppliers and chemical industry has followed. Some automation business, digital economy & ICT industry, energy-saving mechanical industry, and automobile industry also are the industries that Thailand making effort to develop.



Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) of Innovation& Incubation Center undertake the project that Thailand investment marketing strategy plan with BOI. If enterprise intends to develop Thailand market, please contact CYCU specialist, Ms. Chih-Wei Chen, and the phone number is (03)265-1860.