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Chung Yuan Christian University
Industry Accelerator&Incubation Center (IAIC)

Chung Yuan Christian University Industry Accelerator&Incubation Center (IAIC)  was established in 1997 and has since received 12 awards for Small & Medium Business Incubation Center of Excellent Performance, the UBI Global Enterprise Incubator & Accelerator Best Challenge Award in 2019, and the 17th National Innovation Award (Innovation & Incubation Category) in 2020. IAIC is a leading innovation incubator in Taoyuan.

The Industry-Academia Cooperation Building was completed in 2019 and was established in line with national economic developments and emerging technologies. As a center with comprehensive industry-academia organization function and high-quality guidance capacities, IAIC provides strong links and resources for incubatees. The IAIC has consistently maintained an average of 30 to 40 incubatees per year, with international incubation and technology venture amplifiers as IAIC’s main features. As of now, IAIC has incubated 218 companies and helped raised an accumulated capital increase of NT$3.4 billion; 8 of the companies have completed their IPOs on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

IAIC is entrusted by the Taoyuan City Government to operate the Taoyuan Youth Commander. Through many years of experience and resources in entrepreneurial development, IAIC has combined the local entrepreneurial community, youth entrepreneurial organizations, and entrepreneurial centers or organizations in colleges and universities in Taoyuan City to build a diverse, rich innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. IAIC provides comprehensive counseling resources to accelerate the success of Taoyuan’s young entrepreneurs, lead the transformation of enterprises to the international market, shape a culture for innovation and entrepreneurship in Taoyuan, and drive the overall economic prosperity of Taoyuan.